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They’re still in the “probably” list. I definitely want a skirmish-size group of zombles for 28mm fantasy gaming. Originally I meant for these to be the undead from Gripping Beast’s “SAGA Age of Magic” range, but I realised after purchase that they’re really more like 32mm (which I really should have foreseen, knowing as I did that they’re Bob Naismith sculpts and he always sculpts his figures big). They’ll probably make good enemies for Reaper adventurers, so they’re not a write-off, but I still need a different set for true-ish 28mm. The Fireforge ones are the best-looking ones I’ve found so far. The Mantic zombies are also nice but I might not get enough variation in poses/clothing out of them.

The Northmen soldiers I mainly want for human-vs-human skirmish gaming in the general Game of Thrones-like vein of fantasy, so the question is where to find compatible adversaries. It would be arrogant of me to automatically expect Fireforge to make Lannister-style soldiers as matched opponents for the Northmen, but I still hope they will. For now I’m still weighing options.