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Tony S

Very nice indeed!   Your table looks amazing, even though I detect a strong Square Bashing influence.    Not a negative – I quite like SB!   Who made those trenches?  They look like vacuum form, but I don’t think they are Amera?  They look fabulous.

When we first started playing CoC, it usually devolved into an attritional firefight, as both us just hid behind hedges or such, and blazed away at each other.  Not terribly interesting for anyone, unless you enjoy Yahtzee as it was just dice rolling.  Later on, we dimly realized that the phrase “fire and maneuver” might apply, and actually began moving troops about to unhinge defensive positions.  (None of us attended RMA Sandhurst or RMC Kingston obviously).  The game got a lot more interesting and fun to play.  Historical tactics seemed to work!

Not a knock against the WW1 CoC version or your game, but do you find that it also descends into an attritional battle?  Or was that just the scenario?  And I’m glad I wasn’t facing you if you were the Germans; my regular opponent also seems to roll far too many double sixes!  I think the record for him is four turns in a row.