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Tony S

why Square bashing?  I have used these trenches in SB before, so maybe that is it?

Perhaps, but all your terrain seemed to be one or two “square” sizes, which made me think of it.  Again, not a complaint by any means, just an observation.  Your table looked great!

Glad to hear that I’m not the only one to read the training manuals and then promptly forget to apply them once I’m playing!  One of the biggest things I learned in CoC is to resist the temptation to rush on all my troops, especially when I’m defending.  Having a reserve can be so critical.  I’ve always thought reserves are a good criteria to decide whether a ruleset is crap or not – if reserves are not important in the game, then the rules are probably crap.  Obviously CoC is not!

As for the tanks, perhaps like me with reserves, a bit of patience might have helped?  Hold off bringing the infantry on until the tanks were closer?  Admittedly that’s not terribly exciting to play, and putting them closer initially would have saved time, but by waiting you might have also benefited from accumulating some CoC dice?

And look at me talking like I actually know something, like I’ve ever played the WW1 CoC!

Thanks for the Early War Miniatures tip!