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Might want to check out Age Of Sigmar. From what I remember it might scale up to larger battles.

Knyghte, Pyke and Sworde is similar to the LOTR rules but more generic.

I haven’t played the former yet, and haven’t played the later since it came out in an intro game. They’re both singly based and opposed roll for melee, but I can see both bogging down eventually in larger battles since you have to move each mini into base to base contact. LOTR is more polished and has a longer stat line for more varied/differentiable combatants while KPS is very generic and quicker for casualty resolution.

For large battles LOTR should be faster of the two, from what I can remember it rolls multiple opponent melee together, but also uses more dice. Bad side is you’ll have to come up with stats for your own minis and point value, if that’s important. KPS rolls multi combat individually and track ammo for archerd (minimum work but might be a pain with many groups of archers).

They both have characters. LOTR characters are simply normal fighters with better stats. If you make your own stats you’ll have much more control of characters, and each stat line could even correspond to RPG stats. KPS characters (individuals) have rules for each of the 3 types plus a few more in advance rules. KPS characters are closer to baseline troops and has a good chance to be taken down by a grunt while LOTR characters has to roll very badly to be killed, with all their wounds and fate points.

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures