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ian pillay

As for figures, I’m torn between 10mm and 6mm (15s being too costly for me now) with a strong leaning to the Magister Militum 10s if I can cope with the site long enough to order (UI programmer needs to finish course) – if you want a laugh search for elf and try to work out why the tanks come up.  To start with though, I’m going to scribble out the notes I have and make some paper figures to try them out – I may even have some top down figures from a few years ago on disk somewhere…


Ive gone back to 10mm for my fantasy mainly as I stumbled across a tin containing several unfinished warmaster armies! They are now being finished and will get some games. Long over due. I think some must be knocking on for about 20 years!
Pendraken do a fairly comprehensive range of 10mm, there are others of course my favourite is Cromarty Forge – the Samurai Ratmen are awesome! I also Stumbled across a company called Lancer Miniatures and they have a small range of 10mm Beastmen which I am going to investigate further.
There is also this site https://ordinarygaming.blogspot.com/?m=1

that has top down paper counters that you can download. These might me useful.