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Tony S

If you doubt the accepted wisdom Rhoderic, perhaps take some old or superfluous figures and try priming, or undercoating them different colours.  I think you’ll see quite a difference.  When I started painting figures, the accepted wisdom was white undercoat for brightness.  Which I duly did, and the results were dreadful, because that was my level of painting skill – dreadful.  White primer showed through and looked crap, so I switched to a red oxide primer, chosen for the important reason that my Dad had some.

It was a lot better, as my numerous mistakes were not as glaring.  Years later, my skills must have improved slightly, as based on seeing some of my friend’s white primed figures, I decided to switch back to white.  His figures were much brighter than mine.  This time, I was quite happy with the results.

Mind you, that’s for 15mm or larger figures.  For 10mm and under I use black, as I use the patented “Pete Berry of Baccus How to Paint Lots of Small Figures Really Quickly But Still Look Acceptable” method.  One exception are 15mm WWI or later figures – I still use red oxide as I like the duller colours on figures that wear camouflage.

So, employing three different colours of primer, I can assure you that the paint looks different on each.  For the record, most of my paints are GW, P3, with a bit of Vallejo.

Give it a try on three or four different figures – prime them white, black, red and gray and see the difference.