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Hi Grimheart,

thanks for the positive comments. I’m just sorting out a website but in the mean time I have Facebook page as well with albums. You can find the page with the link in my signature below.

I am happy to paint any scale as I am also a large scale military modeller but my personal preference are the smaller scales from 2mm to 20mm. My personally favourite period is the nineteenth century for which I have good knowledge of wars, nations, and uniforms with a good library to back that up.

My current personal project is Kallistra 12mm ACW.
As for prices, all depends on size of commission, whether you want block painted only, Wargamer standard, or collector standard painting, and whether or not you require basing – basic or scenic?

So for unbased 10/12mm figures to Wargamer standard which is what I use for my own ACW project it would be about 0.30 pence per figure on a commission total of 200 Infantry in standardised uniforms – lead time approx 2-3 days depending upon capacity. I prefer to quote on individual commissions though as Im pretty certain I can do people a really good deal for really nicely painted figures in a relatively short space of time. I have included a few pictures below.

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