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Mr. Average

I’m thinking of it. A possibility is to use adhesive backed iron-impregnated vinyl sheet, and custom cut my desired formations. I do not know if the sheet would have enough ability to distort the magnetic field on the ND magnets and make them seat next to each other without jumping, but it is an interesting idea I might try. I don’t want to get into cutting my own steel sheet, though, that much I know. I’ve tried that, have the scars to prove it. Mr. Average isn’t going through THAT again.

The steel bases I have now, however, cover what I need for AoF:R, though. So I’m okay for now. I’m poring over the army lists and trying to figure out what all these creatures are supposed to be, and what size to make them. I’m getting a few Reaper blisters at 28mm scale to make titanic 6mm scale units. Not all the forces are familiar to me though, and they don’t clearly call out what’s a regular unit, what’s cavalry, etc., so you have to use some judgment.