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Guy Farrish

Because it takes time, effort, possibly a skill they haven’t got, maybe even equipment – not likely with the ubiquity of good cameras in phones (I haven’t got one!), decent lighting; and a different mind set. Bandwidth? Not likely these days but maybe when they first thought about it? Just stick the paper catalogue on line and they haven’t changed?

A company selling me figures in singles that doesn’t provide pics is a pain if I have to make a return to the past and send for a sample, but I’ll do it. Companies that will only sell me massive amounts in huge bags for their convenience and still not show me a picture of what I’m spendingĀ  wadges of dosh on can…go away. I don’t buy. Even if someone else has posted a photo.

Of course in many many cases other people will have bought some and put photos up on the web, so a little searching can (but not always) reveal what you’ll receive.

I still don’t buy from people who want to sell me a bag 50 officers.