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I’ve seen similar threads elsewhere where manufacturers come on and with great indignation list the reasons Guy mentioned (which I assume you’ve seen before too, Guy).

There are parts of my job I don’t like either. If I don’t do them, there will be consequences.

When there are parts of my job I don’t know how to do, if I don’t learn them there will be consequences.

When there is equipment necessary for my job that I don’t have, if I don’t get it there will be consequences.

If your job, or side hustle, is running a small business and you don’t run it to the reasonable expectations of the clients, there will be consequences for your sales.

The problem is that a lot of these companies are 1 or 2 man bands, possibly running as a sideline to a real job. It takes time, effort & equipment to take professional standard photographs, all of which costs money. In the case of old ranges, there may be minimal change to sales. I’ve got plenty of sympathy for those with massive back catalogues from pre flashy website days, where there really isn’t any incentive to do so. Mike’s example may well be a case in point. New releases on the other hand need to be shown properly …

That said, I’m sure that there are plenty of customers who would be willing to provide photographs of the finished figures to those pictorially challenged manufacturers. (and if not, why not?).

Or they could just charge more….