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Angel Barracks

Right then.
The plastic greenery.

I use 3 main colours for the leaves.
Cheapo craft paint as the undercoat.
As well as being cheap, I find it is quite dry in that it soaks up other paints, so you can water down the other colours.

Slap the cheap craft paint all over.
Now I use an old trunk on which to hold the green, it fits as it is meant to and it is a nice shaft to grab hold of whilst you paint.

Get underneath a bit on the trees

Blob it onto blu tac and let dry

Then apply the duller less exciting Goblin Green all over, though this can be watered down which makes it easier to apply and easier to get the paint on the bendy front leaf ends.
Having to apply thicker paint on things that bend away from you can be annoying, so watering down helps.

Again going underneath a bit, but dont stress it too much

Then once dry we get the jazzier Forest Green and again watered down we apply to the outsides of the leaves, leaving the middle the goblin green.

What I am trying to do is make the outer edges of the greenery lighter than the center.

right now it looks terrible, but is better when dry and better when complete!
So don’t worry.

Once that is done we get the jazzy forest green and mix in a bit of yellow and again move to the outer edges, leaving the earlier goblin green and some of the recent forest green showing.

Once dry, again, but with even moar yellow mixed in.

It is about now that I carry on but go and splodge some colour over the inner parts of the leaves that we left craft/goblin green.
I find that leaving them seems a bit flat.

Try and aim for the raised bobbly bits on the leaves.

I normally stop here but decided to use some almost neat yellow right on the edges.

Up this close and without the rest of the flock/scatter/tufts added this looks quite mad.
But for me it all comes together later.

Though obviously muck about with blends and what not, but once done it is ok for my table.

Here it is so far with the others.

As you can see, I did these in various batches and the colours vary.
Which seems fine, pretty sure all trees are not 100% colour matches, and even if they are, I prefer this look!

Next, painting then flocking the base.