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First we build a metal framework to hold the creature during the summoning process.

Then we mix the four basic elements together to form the sacred “Green Stuff” (50/50 mix milliput / kneadatite)

and with the hard and soft implements we alternately press, poke and caress the putty into a similitude of the creature we wish to conjure.

Slowly the creature takes form…

untill finally, after much patience and detailed work…       …succes!!!


Now through the use of various mythic pigments, we bring our monster to life.

And lastly we give it a small offering of flock and bind it to this plane of existence with a final “Ard Coat”.

Behold fellow practitionners of the arcane arts: “the Othyug!”

Never shall we have to worry about where to get rid of our excrement again!

Or worry about those pesky adventurers surprising us during number two for that matter.




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