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Angel Barracks

Next I prepare the area for the 1st coat of flocking.
Varnish, flock in a cup, paper with a fold down the centre and the 1mm short strand flock.

So avoiding the green I get some varnish mixed with water and PVA and quickly slap that on the area.
Then hold the base over the paper and just chuck the flock all over and shake it a little bit.
Then hold upside down and tap the base so the excess falls off.

Then we have the first coat of flock.
I find that this has sat ontop of the varnish/glue mix and can and will rub off through use.

So next I mix up water/PVA and some hand wash or hand soap or dish soap.
This helps break down the surface tension of the water/PVA mix and when applied with a dropper it does not pool and bubble, but rather it spreads out and is much easier to use as it soaks evenly across all the flock.

I apply this with a dropper which I purchased a pack of from Amazon.
Then when it is all over the first layer of flock I again tip the flock cup all over the base and this second layer gets nicely stuck to our mix and helps thicken up the ground coverage.

Then we wait for this to dry….