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Those are very pretty!

<div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>yorkie wrote:</div>
I really like Hail Caesar, and it was always a toss up between HC and Impetus. Impetus won because less figures were needed. Im thinking that if im clever about it, ill be able to play both. What I do want to do, is expand the units, for a more “epic” look!

I think Hail Caesar would be my main, “go-to” rule set for ancients, but I’ve also been playing Dux Bellorum and I really like Impetus bases because they give me a good opportunity to be creative with the look of my units. So what I have done is to base my stuff on big Impetus bases – one base per unit – and play HC or DB with them that way. For HC, it means you have to be creative with formation changes, but I have found that my formations don’t do much changing anyway, so it’s largely a moot point. If a unit does want to change its default formation, I can just handle it with a marker.

I know what you are saying, I do like my Impetus based stuff, but I will still be more satisfied with them once each unit is twice as large, on multiple bases. To play Impetus, ill just put 2 bases together, I just dont like using markers to show formation changes!

Heres a link to my full Impetus Army –