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Interesting because reading through this thread seems to me. That the general consensus is that we wargamers like to see pics right? For reasons illustrated by the Sherman and the shape of the turret comment goes to prove this. Mike comments and I quote…

“boggles my mind that someone would go to that effort to get a product to market then not bother with the final step of letting people actually see what it is you are selling.”

and also says…..

”I don’t get the notion that someone with an e-commerce site they have likely paid for, and sculpts they have likely paid for, and stock they have paid for that has come from moulds they have paid for does not want to sell anything”.

Which I get and understand and makes complete sense. Then Blackhat comes along as says……

”I am working on a new website but that won’t have photos either because I am flat out fulfilling orders and don’t have the time to take photos or the incentive to to get new orders”.

That too makes sense. But if you don’t need to put up photos, who is buying? I’m pretty sure this is the same for GZG and some others. So, wargamers are buying without photos. Maybe the majority of us are familiar with what manufactures sell and are reoccurring consumers. But what about new products? Clearly the manufacturers who don’t have photos are turning over enough sales for whatever reason.