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I know what you mean, but I can not think of a reason why you would put something on a site for sale, unless you wanted to sell it.

If you have sufficient orders to fill your time then taking photos comes a long way down the list of jobs to do when you “ave a spare moment”

I’d wondered too, but I guess that answers that.

Playing Devil’s advocate, and acknowledging that I speak with exactly the authority of someone who’s never run a successful miniatures company to someone who has – is there maybe not something in the approach Mirliton takes with the Grenadier range: instead of dropping 7000 new products on the site, slowly introducing them in batches once the ducks are all lined up? (In their case, it’s about mould preparation as much as photos I believe, but still.) Again, without knowing whereof I speak, it can’t hurt your sales if you’ve got too many to handle already.