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Andrew Beasley

Not late at all – just delayed due to Covid but I’m OK to talk to as I’ve had my bleach, pepper and garlic drink today (NO DO NOT DO THAT)…

@Piyan I like the idea of reducing moves the General can issue (the one hour war-game assumes all troop move each turn in a ‘I go then you go’ style but I fancy the dice bag method used by Bolt Action so this would fit by removing a dice or two from the bag.

The blinding flash spell of battle magic is a spell I’ll use – handy against missile troops or to delay a unit moving.

Now things are a little more settled (in my mind if not world) I’ll try to pull the ideas together from here, the morale thread and the other forum (sorry Mike ).

As a guess, I’ll dump all of this into a changes to OHW (One Hour Wargame) – why have three areas when you can have four