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amended rules so far


A Set Of simple fast Play rules for the age of Muskets, it has an unusual turn system

the game uses turns unusualy, whenever a double is thrown the turn flips to the other side.

movement has 3 ranges short Medium or Long, foot is short 6 inches, things like boats medium 12 inches, horses long 18inches. the player whoes turn it is can move one fig at a time. with the turn ststem you never know if your group can get big enough for an attack.

if a fig moves or fires any enemy fig in range may melee or fire .

you may move two figs together BUT if attacked they both suffer the results

you can only attack one fig in any attack.

each attack uses the to hit table, you roll 2 D6s and add or subtract Modifiers and see if you have hit, if you hit you roll 1 D6 and apply the result from the attack result table

a wouned fig May fire but only move at a crawl 1inch

TO HIT TABLE (You Must roll equal or below to hit)

short medium long
musket 7 9 11
pistol 6 10 –
bow 8 10 –
sword 8 – –
knife 9 – –
axe 8 – –


Target in Cover + 3
Target Armoued + 2
Target Moving Fast + 2
Attacker Moving Fast + 3
Attacker has supporting figs in short Range and in the attack + 1 for every fig(this Mod makes you stick with groups in your games like squads)
if attacker is within short range of a Leader + 1
if target is within short range of a Leader – 1


1 Dead
2 Dead
3 Wounded (a second wound kills a fig)
4 Wounded (a second wound kills a fig)
5 Graze
6 Graze

you may voluntary pass a turn
boats are boarded and unboarded all figs in one go. this allows raids.
if you throw a double, you dont continue instead you imediatly pass the turn on
a second wound kills a fig
wounded figs are layed down, dead figs are removed.

WW2 Mod

1 Dead
2 Dead
3 Wounded (a second wound kills a fig)
4 Wounded (a second wound kills a fig)
5 Suppressed
6 Suppressed

a suppessed fig may not fire, it may only retreat. and use muskets and knives as main attacks on the tables.

if in range of a leader you may try a rally roll by rolling a D6 1,2, or 3 tou rally but 4, and 5 you remain suppressed a 6 and you refuse any orders in effect out of the fight