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“Under your new rule would suppression affect gunnery on this turn and the next, or just next turn?”

You’d be suppressed in the turn the suppression was caused and the following turn. I was thinking about how to keep track of this and decided to use two typs of shell splash markers, one with a single splash, one with two splashes so they are visually distinct. If a craft is suppressed in an odd turn place a single splash marker, if in an even turn then add a two splash marker. Remove splashes at the start of a turn that also correspond to that. For example, a craft is suppressed on turn 3 – place  single splash marker, it remains suppressed in turn 4, and at the start of turn 5 (an odd turn) the single marker is removed. If it suffers a suppression again in turn 4 it gets a 2 splash marker to replace the one splash.


Thanks for your other suggestions, on which I shall cogitate tonight.