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I had been anticipating it, maybe more than any other game that was set to launch in the final year of this console generation. But I’m now forced to cut back my video game budget, so it’ll have to wait for when it’s cheaper, or maybe when a PS5 version with enhanced graphics launches (if there will be one). For now I’ll just watch it on YT and Twitch.

It seems to be very much like an Assassin’s Creed game without the things I don’t like about that franchise. I’m glad Assassin’s Creed didn’t get to the feudal Japan theme first, or Ghost of Tsushima might never have been made.

This being a Sony game I can’t see it getting a PC port.

Interestingly it’s made by one of Sony’s Western studios, not a Japanese one. Seeing how they used Asian-American actors (very good ones) and the lip-synching matches only the English audio, I think of it entirely as a Western game, albeit one that gets the classic Japanese chanbara/jidaigeki feel quite right. The topic of historical invasion warfare between Japanese and mainland Asians might still be too sensitive in Japan for a Japanese studio to want to touch this subject matter.