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I am in the same boat. Getting back into the hobby about four years ago gaming at the company level is one of my main areas of interest. Any period from interwar to ultra modern and potentially beyond. I had in mind a couple of games from back in the day (from the early ’70s to the early ’90s) but on closer inspection found them wanting for various reasons. Frankly I have yet to find what I am looking for although I have gone down a few rabbit holes and am being told to write my own. Well long ago I would agree but I figure by now someone should have covered what I am interested in but no such luck.

I will ask what you are looking for after I tell you what I have in mind.

I am looking for a game where the scale is each vehicle, gun, squad (or partial squad) of infantry, weapons or specialist team is a single entity. I want a game where infantry is the king of the game and other elements are either support or non existent, except in some specific circumstances. Game scale of about 25 yards to an inch, variable timescale is desirable. I want a few pages of rules, not the new need for “one page” of rules which cover nothing. I would like leaders to have an effect on the game and having grown up playing Tractics I would like a little more detail in the armour rules, especially acceptable as in most games they would be in support of a much larger amount of infantry.

So far the best I have found is a board game, Conflict of Heroes by Academy games. That is the name of the series not the individual titles. I am happy to live with play on a hex grid (it can solve a lot of issues I had in the past with rules lawyering players) but I have yet to play an armour game which uses the same mechanics as the infantry system which I feel for armour will not be as detailed as I would like. The down side is they cover very few theatres and new games are painfully slow in appearing. Supposedly this is changing but they have been saying that for years. You can download the rules from their site. You have to “sign up” first but in three years I have received about a half dozen emails. You can always delete the hexes, use two inches per hex and create a handful of templates to cover facing, fire zones, etc..

If this is not what you are looking for please describe your ideal conditions such as scales, level of detail etc. and I will try to give some suggestions based on what I have found thus far.