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John D Salt

I’m going to suggest that the values you have given would correspond very closely to grading armour thickness and the penetrating power of guns in bands of about an inch (to use a quaint and obsolete unit).

Using such a categorisation, armour bands would correspond rather well with, for example, the successive upgradings of armour the Germans used for ther medium tanks. At the start of the war, these were armoured to a level of some 30mm, a touch over an inch. The next generation were armoured to 50mm, or two inches. The final models of Pz III and Pz IV were armoured to 70mm and 80mm respectively, or about three inches.

Gun classes would by my calculation come out something like this:

Rating 0: Anti-tank rifles, 12.7mm or 15mm HMGs, 20mm cannon.

Rating 1: Light anti-tank guns such as 3.7cm PaK 36, KwK36, KwK34(t) or KwK38(t), Bofors 37mm, 45mm model 37, or 37mm M3; the 5cm KwK L42, “flower-pot” guns such as the 7.5cm KwK 37 or LeIG 18, or 76mm model 27; and small-calibre high-velocity guns such as the Hotchkiss 25mm or SPzB 41 squeezebore.

Rating 2: Improved anti-tank guns such as the 47mm PaK35(t) or 45mm model 42, PJK41 squeezebore, 6-pdr L45, and 5cm KwK L60 or PaK 38, and medium-velocity larger guns such as the 76mm F11, F34 or ZiS-3, 75mm Mark 5, 75mm M2 or M3, or field guns firing in the anti-tank role such as the 10.5cm leFH 18M or 25-pdr.

Rating 3: Larger high-velocity guns, such as the 7.5cm KwK 40 or PaK 40, 7.62cm PaK36(r), US 3-inch or 76mm, the 6-pdr L52, or long-barreled field artillery such as the 10cm K17, 107mm model 1910/30, or the heavier 152mm TG.

Rating 4: Converted or actual anti-arcraft guns such as the 8.8cm KwK 36 or FlaK 36, Soviet 85mm or US 90mm M3, higher-velocity heavy artillery such as the 10cm K18, 107mm M-60, or 152mm ML-20, the British 77mm, and the Soviet 57mm.

Rating 5: Serious tank killers such as the Panther’s 75mm KwK 42, the 10.5cm FlaK, 7.5cm PaK 41 squeezebore, the 17-pdr, or the 122mm A19.

Rating 6: Super guns such as the 8.8cm L71, 12.8cm, or 100mm model 44.

For most weapons that have special ammunition such as HVAP, APCR or APDS, the effect would be to increase the attack rating by one. This does not apply to APCNR for squeezebore weapons, where the effect has already been taken into account.

If you want to keep your scheme of better armour going in the positive direction and better guns in the negative, you could find suitable gun ratings by subtracting the above ratings from 2. Armour ratings would be the number of inches of armour minus 3. For myself I think I would prefer to have both gun and armour ratings going in the same direction, and not have any negative numbers; your dice-roll modifier would then just be the armour’s defence value less the gun’s strike value.

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