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Not Connard Sage

Re: flank attacks

I have no solutions, just a few thoughts to throw into the mix. Flank attacks were deadly – which is why commanding officers went out of their way to avoid them. If an attack column in a game is attacked in the flank it should be in desperate trouble and probably rolling on morale/command and control/whatever** to see if it breaks before it gets a chance to move and/or fight. If it is attacked front and flank in the same turn, it breaks.  End of.


**Negative modifiers for:

  • Having been fired at from the front that turn
  • Enfilading fire that turn
  • Any other causes of disorder
  • Attacked in flank by cavalry


Of course this doesn’t make for a very good game as your French columns get destroyed by marauding enemy cavalry, but it would make the player think about protecting his flanks more than happens in many games I see.

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