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Not Connard Sage

Just to throw some more gasoline on the fire.


From what I’ve read about close combat during the Napoleonic period, apart from sieges and attacks on what we wargamers are pleased to call ‘built up areas’,  ‘lingering’ melees (another word we wargamers like to use) between infantry units didn’t often happen.

Either the defenders broke the attackers with musketry before they closed, or the attacker persuaded the defenders that staying around to receive their final volley and charge might not be healthy and that pissing off was a better idea.

Caveat: I’m sure exceptions exist. The clue’s in the word ‘exceptions’, so don’t bother if you want to start another pedantry contest.

As you say Sam every rule can be exploited, but tabletop armies tend to be blessed with superhuman powers of durability that most real life commanders never saw in their troops.

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