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Battlespace(If you don’t mind me taking this off topic)

I printed it all up in colour and full size (make sure to pick actual size or 100% not “fit”. Then I folded each card so one side is the info and the other is the “generic” type face. These can be sleeved into standard game card sleeves (make sure to get clear as some have colour on one side where the type face would be). Presto. Mine fit in a hot chocolate tin (thin square and tall) but I also have some hard storage boxes (plastic) similarly shaped which hold cards in sleeves.

What gets me is how you could easily change out opponents in any asymmetric game environment like Soviet Afghan war, many colonial actions or zombies. I haven’t looked too hard at it but increasing the unit size may also work. I would have to consider whether to enlarge the opponent forces size or make them more numerous (cards per game) or just how to balance. I could see the good balance of the game being put out of whack very easily by the wrong attempt to keep balance while increasing the friendly unit size.