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Not Connard Sage

Thanks all for comments on this. The company in question is as very very well know and charge 12% with NO cap, looking back all the orders have Placed have been like this and for fear of raising I am sure many customers just put up. After all we are a captive customer and want figures to finish collections or buy into the new goodies. The order in question was shipped with a postage cost of £2.95. Order value £118.50 shipping £14.22. The company in question charge £7.50 for 6 foot which on the low side compared to others however my mind set is that high shipping shouldn’t offset that. I think the issue is the lack of cap – the average cost of say a small army of 300 figures would be £375 plus shipping on that £45! I am mailing the company to suggest they look at a cap on postage.

I’m confused, was it an order value of £95 (per your first post), or £118.50?


And I’m assuming Front Rank. They used to have a post free order value IIRC, but it was around £300.


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