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nigel Tullett

The point I was trying to share was paying £14.22 and the actual cost of postage (yes I do accept there are material and labour costs) being £2.95. 12% is the default shipping charge and there is no mention of free or max postage.

I don’t get this being anything to with personal taste other than my decision to purchase from this company and having to accept the shipping cost if I want their figures which I do.

A sum added to an order which you are charged is fact,  it’s not my view, has nothing to do with feelings etc, so it’s not subjective.

Maybe it’s is the varying business models that figure manufacturers have that allow some to cap shipping – rewarding with a saving on large orders for their customers or some that feel they don’t need to due to their dominant postion. I do often add to an order to get free shipping when offered.

I get the feeling from responses here that most gamers are willing to accept Such charges and maybe I should just put up – captive audience etc.

Just to protect an excellent companies reputation this has NOTHING to do with Front rank who from past experience with shipping and customer service has been excellent.