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What is it about Firefly that connects to so many of us Sci Fi gamers? Also, I am looking at ways to combine Firefly and Mass Effect. Like Mass Effect in the core worlds, but Firefly out on the Fringe? I don’t know.

Those feel like two very different settings to me. One of the reasons I’m keeping my Mass Effect-style project separate from my generic (non-retro) space opera project is that in the Mass Effect universe, form-fitting power armour is so ubiquitous that it’s basically the equivalent of ordinary combat fatigues in the real world today. So, I’m trying to make sure that all the figures I get for the Mass Effect-style project (excluding civilians, bug monsters and synthetic life-forms) are wearing appropriately sleek, advanced-looking power armour. A frustrating consequence of this is that I can’t use that one Krogan-looking figure in the official Rogue Stars range. His kit just looks too low-tech for the aesthetic I want. He’ll still do fine for the other project, though.