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Israel Gutierrez

There are only a few hours left in the Masters of the Wasteland KS campaign and we will try to motivate the undecided.

This KS is undoubtedly one of the most successful in Punka. And that’s not only good for us, it’s also good for you, since you get a lot of extra stuff for free. So much so that with the advanced campaign, exceeding our expectations, we had to commission the illustrator with a new concept. And when we thought it would be difficult to get there, we had to order him another one, because the number was getting closer. And now, in these last hours, we have the possibility of reaching this last free miniature.

During the campaign you had the usual options to buy single miniatures from our catalog, buy a complete faction at a better price or get the complete catalog with a considerable saving. But what this KS was launched for was to get enough money to be able to launch the new printed book and six new miniatures.

Focusing on the minis, the idea is that they would have several options of heads and weapons, and depending on how you mounted them they could serve one faction or another. Although they came with plenty of options, there were some additional heads and weapons that could be unlocked during the campaign. Well, all the options have been unlocked so those initial 6 miniatures come with everything you see.

Only those 6 miniatures are already much cheaper in the campaign compared to the price they will have in the stores. These miniatures, having many more options, will have a retail price of 15 euros. But in addition, during the campaign, THREE OTHER miniatures have been unlocked and added to these for free and with all the pieces already unlocked. Yes, that means that for the same price they also have these three miniatures… and one even has a motorcycle.

But if this doesn’t sound like enough, a free alternative body exclusive to KS has also been unlocked, which with the heads and weapons you have left over means you can assemble one more mini.

And not only that. You’ll also get two additional heads exclusive to KS that may sound a little familiar.

And let’s not forget the exclusive KS Cat Punk that you also get.

And to complete the thing, you also get two coasters, a pin and a fridge magnet.

But that’s not all. We are less than 1000 euros away from unlocking this new free miniature to add to all this, with all the heads and weapons included.

All this is worth 150 euros in miniatures that you can get for less than half the price, but also with several extra gifts. But you can also get two more miniatures that have been unlocked as an add-on at a special price.

This miniature, depending on the weapons and backpacks, can be equipped with a Flamethrower, Vaporeta or Crack’n’snap. You can get it by adding 10 euros to the contribution, when it will normally cost 15 euros.

And of course the mercenary mounted on a beast. The biggest, and maybe the most spectacular, miniature we have ever launched for Punka. Which will cost more than 20 euros but which you can get for only 12 euros during the campaign

Are you really going to lose this opportunity? The perfect time to both get started in Punka (with all these minis you can choose from several different factions), and increase your band. Or simply buy the minis because you like them.

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