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My son and I played Frostgrave a bit.  We liked it a lot but ultimately we did not like that everything revolved around Wizards.  For instance, what if you wanted to play a Great Warrior?  We did like that loot mattered and that you could get magical items, weapons and armor.

Our go to when we hit the table top is still Sellswords and Spellslingers by Ganesha Games.  It is a cooperative game which suits us just fine for campaigning in a mythical world.  The one thing I don’t like much is that the magic and special items and such are somewhat abstracted into the system.  For instance, if your guy finds a magic sword, it gives him +1 fight but that has to be incorporated into the cost of the character and you still can’t go above +5.

I’ve not played Ghost Archipelago or Rangers of Shadow Deep.  My limited understanding of the games makes them both also specialized in their own way.  I think Rangers is the most appealing but it is limited by how the content is run.  I suppose you could bulk lift the game engine onto a Frostgrave scenario and have at it.

Frostgrave 2, I don’t own or plane to own.  I am sure it is an improvement over the first as the designer seems to take feedback to heart but, like I said, playing a wizard all the time is not really my thing.


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