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Chris Pringle

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” href=”https://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/users/chris/”>@Chris Can you describe how the system in Alter of Freeedom works in general?

It has a tempo/initiative bidding system to determine which formations move when, and a number of the generals’ Personality Traits relate to Priority Points for this (how many they  get, how they can be used etc).

But there are more generic and more readily adoptable ones too, eg:

DOUR: respected but not inspiring – cannot assist rally rolls

GRANDIOSE: loves to concoct complex schemes. Usually these don’t come off, but occasionally they do. Roll D6 each turn: 1-5 he loses an action, 6 he gains an extra action.

INEPT: cannot coordinate his units = no combined attacks

SLOPPY STAFF WORK: each turn, at least one of his formations has Priority Points 0 [ie won’t get to move]

UNFLAPPABLE: once per turn, a unit within range of this general may reroll a D6 result.

You get the idea – a bit more imaginative and nuanced than the obvious +1/-1 on move/fire etc.