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Just like I said in the other thread this game can be used in so many ways. Seeing Nathaniel’s post the first thing I thought was aliens vs colonial marines. Hand to hand only for the aliens, maybe faster speeds for face huggers or chest bursters. Colonial marines don’t seem near as omnipotent so maybe only two wounds to kill. Change the sitrep cards around to match your ideas. Either the aliens from the Alien(s) movies, see above, or bugs from Starship Troopers, in which case they may have ranged weapons. Of course you could play it “straight” and just have a unit of troopers against a band of local upstarts, swap things around and make the player’s team any number of military or quasi-military forces beset by irate locals or irate local fauna. For the former, remember in Traveller the idea(s) of military mercenary units (expanded in Striker) or just some scout team which causes the swarm of bugs to pour out while just checking out the newly discovered planet.

Now that I think of it this game may be the way in for an idea I have had for a while now but can’t figure out how to start… Tremors. The problem with treating it too close to the source material is we already know how to defeat the graboids and their kin. How to infuse some randomness or unpredictability. I think a variation on these rules may be the answer.