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Ivan Sorensen

Aye, not exclusively but I am working on it yes ๐Ÿ™‚

This has changed many many times over the months but the structure nailed down now, so I think I can talk about it a bit more:

The format will be a step-by-step list of selecting unit class, mobility type, then assigning offensive and defensive factors. Basically, all the player has to do is move down the list and make a pick at each step.

For offensive factors, a unit card will have 1-3 lines for each attack form it has. F.x. an infantry squad might have two attack forms (rifles and RPG). The player builds each of those and in battle, you can fire either at any given time.
Defensive factors will include units being classified by hard/soft armor types (which weapons can be tagged against) and “HP” capability.

I’d have to go check but I believe 6 movement types are included and you’ll be able to create things like gun-emplacements as well.

10-15 Traits are included. These are permanent upgrades or abilities that always are in effect.

10-15 Powers are included. These can be fuelled with energy (tracked with a die by the unit), require a roll or both. When you build the unit, you’ll select a limitation (roll, energy cost or single-use).

(The current number is 12 traits and 11 powers, but another few might sneak in)

The whole system is aimed at Core/Peoples first and foremost, and made to be expandable later on. It will also include licensing so you can create units and publish them.

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