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a depressingly high proportion of WW2 tactical games I see don’t seem to include artillery at all. All the best, John.

When I create a scenario, and by that I mean invent rather than make real events into a scenario, I use very little, if any, artillery, beyond that which is organic to a battalion, such as mortars and infantry guns.  My reason is that artillery, as in real life, tends to kill everything, and that’s no fun.  In recent times I have moved from a desire to have everything accurately portrayed on the tabletop to having an enjoyable and sociable time with my friends.  Although I’ve managed precisely three games since March this year, and I cannot foresee when we will be able to meet again at this point.

When they start to take casualties, some player’s chins drop and they mentally take their bats home instead of looking for a way to progress in the game.  This attitude spoils the event for everyone in the end.  My group includes one of those players, and so I’d rather keep him involved and playing by limiting artillery and maximising the enjoyment of just playing together, unrealistic as that may be.

Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.