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Sane Max

I would be interested, especially if you told us about the company. what’s their plan? I assume they intend to release their own systems at some point? How do they find their sculptors? And would they like to buy some plastic Wardogs? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The sprues are very … interesting. The Halfling sprue is far too limited in what you can do with it, it’s Pikes and Halberds really, no other hand weapons – and one sling per sprue on the Irish box is just questionable. 85 shields to 30 warriors, but only 5 slings….. I bought mine for DR, so one box of each is just fine, except I dont get enough slings in a box to do a unit of 6 scouts.

Imagine if you bought 6 boxes to do an Irish army. what are you going to do with 60 wardogs and 330 spare shields?

I am not having a go, just interested if this was the result of eager young newbies taking their first steps in a new market, which is my assumption. A story please John, not just a puff-piece!

As figures they are very nice. The Irish in particular paint very nicely, and their faces in particular are excellent.