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@willz thanks!

@Sane Max thanks too! They were started during lockdown mostly as a ‘warm and fuzzy’ project to please my nostalgia. Airfix acw were my first wargaming with the old little airfix hard back Rule set from the 1970s. I have hopes of actually using them in a real game once the world gets back to normal. I’ve done a small amount of solo gaming with them to try out the mechanics of some sets.

my i intention is to play both ‘pickets charge’ from the lardies with them and Sam mustafa’s ‘Longstreet ‘ And see which I prefer.

the entire project has been really enjoyable, Mixing modern 1/72nd and recovering some figures from the 70s.

I give them all two varnish coats.

i think I might be over compensating though. My originals were painted in airfix and humbrol enamels and they used to lose paint all the time.

with modern acrylic paint being much more flexible it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bad as it was. I only had some paint come off of 2 bayonets When a stand was dropped and hit several things on the way down. No actual damage in play so far.