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he main thing I had an issue with was the Cobra being shot down – I didn’t read anything about cobras being shot down by RPGs, and the loss rate of Cobras was relatively (!) low, compared to Loaches and Hueys.

  It had more to do with tactics than the suitability of the aircraft.  Yes, the Cobra is hard to hit from the front due to it’s slimness, but for the most part it had to do with the altitude that they maintained while watching over the Loaches and their attack/dive patterns and the pull-out cover fire.  You’ll read that most Cobra units didn’t get below 500′, some even rarely diving below 1000′, while other units (including a lot of early Huey gunship units) only attacked from below 500′.  Hovering in near enemies though, that’s a death sentence.  Plenty of Cobras were hit by RPGs, but it was mostly heavy MGs that did the damage, .51’s and 14.7’s could do the devils work on them.  You’ll also read that late in the war when the bigger AA guns came along, especially with the radar controlled units, gunships didn’t go into those areas, like the Ashau or DMZ.  (read about the last air assault into the Ashau, where the slicks were flying through clouds but being blown to bits by the radar controlled AA, it”l make you sick!)

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