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Oh I believe it!  I’ve talked with a great number of veterans over the years and many of them did things that in hindsight were just ludicrous and which they never would have done if they had more sleep or were just a little bit older.  Some examples:

Loach pilot accidentally flew over the DMZ, saw an NVA flag on pole and hovered over to it and grabbed it, all the while the incredulous NVA AAA unit that was right there just watched him in amazement. Amazing he didn’t get blown away!

This one is from the unit that supported my dads Project Sigma recons: slicks did 2 false insertions then dropped the team at the edge of a huge clearing.  In the middle of the clearing was a lone tree, and in the tree was a VC with an RPG.  They flew right at him and knocked him out of the tree with a skid as they departed  then a door gunner shot the RPG as it lay on the ground.

A guy I worked with was a Cobra pilot in his 2nd tour, but in his first he flew scouts for the 11th ACR in III Corps.  He and his gunner were out in an OH-13 one day and saw a squad of NVA covered with palm leaves trying to hide after being spotted crossing a grassy area.  For reasons he can’t explain, he decided to land right in the middle of them.  His gunner jumped out and grabbed an RPD from one of the enemy and threw it into the cab, then jerked up the next guy, slugged him, and then tossed HIM into the helo, then they flew off.  The other NVA didn’t react at all, they just laid there trying to hide, either too shocked or too terrified.  Turned out the guy they grabbed was a LT for the NVA 271st headed to Warzone D.

I’ve also talked to both Loach and Cobra pilots that had literally flown down wide high-capacity roads the enemy had made through the jungle from Cambodia by clearing out all the underbrush, laying and flattening the road then tying together the overhead branches to hide them from the air.  That take some serious cojones and luck.  I am sure if there was an enemy unit around they could have gotten just blasted to bits with no quick way out.

I also heard a story about an Air America pilot jumping from a helo onto a Porter in flight because the Porter’s pilot had been wounded too badly to be able to land.  Have no idea if it is true, but if it is then that is a collection of crazy people!

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."