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My initial thought was, it’s a little flawed. Looking it from a loight infantry point of view, they’ll have all thr warm bodies available to fight while everyone else is does two to stay with the vehicle. Light infantry would then need to train differently and have different SOP than all other battalions. Then I rememebered its assumed light infantry will also be mounted on vehicles. It’s a good article, makes me think about a few things. Seems to lean towards the US model though.

So having thought about all that the next step and my question is, why not just have llight infantry battalions and assign vehicles as needed to make it armored, mechanized, etc? They’d all train and operate the same and would be a Uber Universal Battalion or Uiversal Battalion + (vehicles). The one flaw with this idea is the company level heavy weapons the article assumed to be vehicle mounted would be lost to the basic company. On the other hand it the Paras wouldn’t ahve access to those anyway if they made a jump. Actually this sounds like the USMC method, of infantry Battalions with attached vehicles. Damit, can’t think of anything original anymore!

“The chances of it happening do indeed appear to be zero, the Army having made the harmfully stupid decision to strip the infantry section of its LMG for the first time in a hundred years.”
So, no more LMG camp at depot?

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures