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John D Salt

So, no more LMG camp at depot?

It’s hard to tell exactly what the Army is up to, but the Battle Order web site https://www.battleorder.org/british-rifle-platoon-2019 seems to think that light (i.e. foot-slogging) infantry will still have at least the option of a GPMG in each section. Armoured infantry seem to be expected to rely on their IFV for fire support. The idea from a few years back of a platoon weapons group, with maybe a GPMG and a light mortar, seems to have disappeared. Minimi has vanished entirely; colour me dubious about the claimed discovery that it was wildly inaccurate, and only had an effective range of 250 metres, both facts that 70+ other armies seem to have failed to notice for the 45 years or so Minimi has been in service.

I expect we’ll have to wait for another war for the accuracy fetishists to have the foolishness of their beliefs demonstrated to them. Meanwhile, I point out that all the weapons in the golden haze of mythology surrounding the British infantry’s skill-at-arms, the Welsh longbow, Brown Bess, and the SMLE, have been noted for their rate of fire, not their high precision.

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