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Thanks for the post JJ, the Wife and I had a pleasant couple of days in Tewkesbury a few years ago.  Well worth for visit for the War of the Roses fan.  The Tewkesbury battlefield society produce an excellent book on the banners of the battle.

The Street Banners of Tewkesbury’ price-£12.99  is now in its third edition and was compiled in response to public interest in the banners and the people they represent. Over 160 coats of arms attributed to notable people involved in the battle have been brought together in this book, each accompanied by a brief biography. This third edition now includes a ‘Rough Guide to Heraldry and its Terms’ giving a simple explanation of how a coat of arms is compiled.  All arms are in full colour, and spread over 220 page

Alternatively we can post copies to any UK address for £14.99, including postage and packing. Please send your address, order and cheque (payable to The Tewkesbury Battlefield Society) to PO Box 147, Tewkesbury. GL20 9A