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Thanx. The models are mostly pre-paints, F-Toys and 21st Century Hayates and New-Ray/Testors B-29s. Japanese robots painted them, I can only  take credit for collecting and staging them in a game.

I built just one of those toy airplanes, Dauntless Dotty, the B-29 in the middle of  the formation that’s less shiny than the others. She’s the old Revell Picture Box Kit B-29. She illustrates the trajectory of my life  in the hobby.

I first built that kit in the early 1960s, when it was new and so was I. Some time in the 90s, Revell sold off the molds. I found a copy on a store shelf that carried the Academy label. I suppose some other Chinese toy company has the molds now. Thinking I recognized it, I brought it home, ripped off the shrink-wrap and confirmed it was the classic old kit. The engineering was okay for the era, and  the molds were still in pretty good shape. I glued Dotty together in a few hours snatched from my middle-aged life, slapped on some paint, then I got frustrated when some masking failed me, and put the part-built project away in a box on a shelf.

Twenty-odd years later…after retirement…digging  through boxes…I opened that one, and determined to finish the model, now that I had the time and patience to fix my mistakes. I still had the decals, and they didn’t disintegrate when I dipped them in water. Success! Completion! Game time!

So what Dotty illustrates is: my continual magpie distraction from one project to another, my hoarding tendencies, and the fact that once in a great while, I complete something and play with it. That’s life as I know it.

I have fun.

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!