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Angel Barracks

It is interesting to me how this project has awakened memories from 30+ years ago when I first got into wargaming via WFB.

The tedium is one such memory, the slog of painting lots of models.
I recall being in my teens and after school painting late into the night with music blaring.
Alas being closer to 50 these days, the back, eyes, and general aches and pains make such feats impossible.

Following on from this I recall the fudging, that is the front rank get the better treatment and the other ranks not quite as detailed, not bad, just not as good.

10mm is harder to paint I find as they are harder to see, having said that they are quicker.
I doubt I could paint 25mm as quickly as 10mm, but with bigger details it was for sure easier.

One thing here though I am doing is ink washing to act as shading.
I did this with my 6mm.
I do not do it with my 15mm, I find an inkwash is not as pleasing to my eye as properly painted shadows.
Having said that, at 10mm it makes the process easier and quicker, and actually gives the models a bit of a grubby look which is what I want, a sort of campaign feel, rather than some of the bright pristene Empire flavoured paintjobs you see.

Anywho, that is enough rambling, pictures to follow when the first unit is done.

Oh I have 2 main groups within my human army atm.
The general/commander and the troops from his dukedom, and the other dude.
As such I have got two main colour schemes and have ordered some d6 of the appropriate colours for each group to roll as befits their uniforms.