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I have been following this with interest as I have a plan to use 2mm miniatures.  However, you seem to use a standard uniform colour format.  In looking at uniform colour the key point is probably the obvious one that uniform colours were very varied, which explains the importance of flags to clarify which side a unit is on. Infantry seem more homogenous than cavalry but even so I have seen Austrian uniforms with white, grey and sky blue trousers.  Cavalry seem hopelessly varied across all the nations and one wonders if you can get away with just about any combination possible. Presumably, being wealthier and somewhat more prestigious, cavalry could differentiate themselves more.  The Austrian 1st Hussars seem to have been dark blue, 4th Hussars Light Green and 5th Hussars Dark Green.  Have you gone with generic colours?  If so, is there another format you use to differentiate the units? Is there somewhere on the internet that lists all regiments and their uniform colours or is there a reference book detailing these? It might be considered a tad too much for painting 2mm but it is just a question of getting the rough details right.