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Your right, I have only painted units with standard colours so far. I’ve painted a few Hungarian infantry units with blue trousers, but when I researched the OOBs, there wasn’t that many Hungarian infantry units in the battles. Grenzers seem to mostly have brown coats with blue trousers, with a unit in white coat and blue trousers. Obviously I didn’t bother with facing colours for the infantry in this scale.

I was leaving the Hussars to last while I figure the colours for them as most other cavalry had standard uniforms with different facings. I’m also trying to create enough to cover most of the Napoleonic period, so there is a confusing mix units in different battles which were brigaded together. eg the 10th Stipsicz Hussars at Aspern were brigaded with the 2nd Schwarzenberg Ulhans, but at Wagram they were in a Advanced guard mixed brigade with Grenzers and Jaeger. But yes I will try to make this as accurate as possible so I will be painting the same unit twice for the Hussars mainly.

For the Cheveauxlegers I will just paint them white as they started the period in white, switched to green and then some units went back to white!

I found the Baccus painting guides to have the right amount of information for painting this scale, and it seems pretty accurate when I’ve compared it with Ospreys and the plates of Knoetel. See here https://www.baccus6mm.com/PaintingGuides/NAP/

EDIT: I just read that some of the dragoons continued to wear green jackets up until 1805 so I will paint a few Cheveauxlegers in green jackets to use as either cavalry type.

I hope that helps.