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Phil Dutré

I don’t have a fixed budget, but as with everyone, it’s of course implicitly set by how much your disposable income is.

Over the years, I have mostly transitioned from “acquiring stuff” to “upgrading stuff”. After all, storage space is an issue, and I rather invest in high quality terrain and figures these days rather than mass heaps of cheap things I’ll never use anyway.

Overall, I estimate I roughly spend between 750 and 1000EUR per year on wargaming items, but that also includes books on military history and boardgames. I don’t have any other hobbies or activities I spend significant amounts of money on, so I guess that also defines the budget.

This year, expenditure has been significantly lower due to the lack of shows, and not having been able to get to the local shop that often (I buy my brushes and paints from the local boardgames/modeling gameshop – support the local guy and all that).

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