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So I was figuring out how many Lancers I needed for the French and Austrians, and I looked at the stuff I printed previously and they were terrible prints. Lots of warping and the lances came out so bad I expect 3/4 will break during cleanup.

I printed a few more using some fresh PLA and a slightly better settings and the difference was massive. Virtually no stringing which I am very pleased with as I have a Bowden setup and stringing is quite common on prints.

So I trashed all the old ones as its not worth the cleanup effort. At the time I printed these I was off work with an injury and on lots of painkillers, so it clearly effected my quality control! I biffed quite a few other figures that I printed during my time off as there was some badly warped figures that are too much work to cleanup.

New figures in grey, vs old in white, buff and orange