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Basically, I take plastic broom bristles and crush the end with a dull wire cutter. I then slice the flattened bit into a point — the more irregular, the better. I slice off the pike at 10mm down the bristle.

I then carve out the spear right at the hand, using a sharp exato knife. I whittle the butt end of the pike into a point. I place a glob of gel super glue (Zap-A-Gap) on the hand and stick the pike in. The gel’s enough to keep it upright.

The first rank has holes drilled the pike should slot in. The second has their pikes tilted forward. The third and fourth ranks have theirs’ upright. The natural variation caused by a bit of sagging in the glue gives the strips their irregular appearance. The glue may muddy the orc’s facial features, if you’re not careful, but you really can’t see that through the pikes unless you hold them very close. I prefer to use a lot of gel glue to make sure things are really stuck in there, and if some of the faces get a bit gummy… well, they’re orcs.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!