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Assuming you’re not averse to card-based systems, you could have a look at Combat Patrol. It’s pretty easy to add modifications to get it to work how you want. There are extensive designer’s notes here: http://www.bucksurdu.com/combatpatrol/designers-notes/

So units activate randomly and all will activate fully in each turn. Which and when you have no control over. One of my bugs I like to decide which units activate and when but don’t mind not all being active (CoC) or not each can do a full activation (CoH). Reading the BGG write up the use of cards for combat results seems interesting, but changing from a common set of charts available to everyone to each player having specific ones, but smaller, just seems to move the inevitable charts from one form to another (with lots of “look my bright idea” added in). Sounds like it could work so I will look into these rules closer.

A few months ago I saw an AAR of a WWII skirmish game which led to a blog. The scenario was early war Germans vs French with the Germans attempting to capture a farm held by the French. The French were dispersed between various buildings and the Germans chose a poor very direct attack down the centre road. I know this probably matches dozens of possible AARs but if I remember correctly it was a different set of rules. They had a lot of the flavour of CoC but weren’t. I am sure they were in 20 or 28 mm. If anyone has a link to potential games please post it. There was some interesting aspects, such as although individuals they operated as teams and squads and there was some unit based command requirements. i cannot find my saved link now and would like to revisit these rules. Thank you.