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It is a boardgame, but the Old School Tactical system by Flying Pig may interest you.

I like the impulse idea. Looks well thought out or well play tested easy and simple. I like the idea of the luck cards, but having only the rules I do not know what possible results there are. They remind me very much of the assets from Hind & Seek, which are as stated assets which can be used to improve a gamer’s situation, create additional resources or defeat an opponent’s asset.

Leaders have less effect as part of their usefulness, IMHO, falls into the impulse system. Either giving each leader an impulse point value, which sounds good but may cause slowing of the game, or requiring leaders to remain with units under their command would help with the issue of command and control wrt unit cohesion. Again this is intended to bring up ideas as much as find “the one true game”. Thank you for the idea.